Small Group Fresh Pasta Cooking Class in Florence 

Join our small group fresh pasta cooking class in Florence and learn how to make authentic pasta from scratch. Experience hands-on cooking in an authentic Florentine home, where fun and learning go hand in hand.
lunch pasta class
Morning cooking class with lunch
From 91€
3 hours

Hands-on cooking classes in our Tuscan "home". You will master various types of pasta and traditional recipes that you can reproduce at home

cooking class for dinner
Afternoon pasta cooking class with dinner
From 91€
3 hours

Learn from experienced chefs in a warm, international atmosphere. Perfect your pasta-making skills

private pasta class florence
Private exclusive pasta cooking class
From 150€ per pax
3 hours

Learn from a "starred" chef in an intimate setting, you will be able to ask the questions you want without being disturbed by participants you don't know. Book your exclusive experience today!

fresh ravioli
tagliatelle and souces
fresh lasagne
fresh souces and condments
Sauces and condiments

 Why Choose Our Florence Cooking Classes?

Discover why our Florence cooking classes stand out. From exceptional value to personalized attention, here's what makes our classes unique.

- Best Price: Experience the best value for money with our competitively priced cooking classes.

- Memorable Fun: Enjoy a cooking experience you’ll fondly remember every time you recreate the dishes at home.

- Small Groups: We keep our groups small and intimate (12 guests max) to ensure personalized attention for every participant.

- Private Classes: Opt for a private class designed just for you, providing a tailored and exclusive cooking experience

- Professional Expertise: Cooking is our passion and profession. Learn from experienced chefs who live and breathe culinary arts.

- Seasonal Ingredients: We use the best seasonal ingredients, carefully selected and non-industrial. Our ingredients are easy to find, and we offer alternatives if needed.

- Uniqueness: Our cooking classes are truly unique, offering an unparalleled culinary journey.

Choose our Florence cooking classes for an unforgettable culinary adventure. Book your spot today and experience the difference!

dinner time cooking class
Join pasta class Meal and Wine included

Lunch from 10:15 am to 1:00 pm
Dinner 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Busy days in Florence?
Take a break with pasta class

private cooking class in florence
Private Pasta class
Meal and Wine included

Lunch from 10:15 am to 1:00 pm
Dinner 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Morning or afternoon is your choice but this is the right place to have a culinary experience, in the Chef's kitchen until 12 persons. A separated table where you'll have your lunch or dinner with the dish prepared by you.


Discover the Art of Authentic Italian Pasta Making in Florence!

Experience the thrill of creating pasta from scratch in our hands-on cooking class.
Here's what makes our class unique:

- Learn by Doing: Our philosophy is simple - you learn best by cooking, not just watching!
- Expert Guidance: Chef Vary staff will teach you techniques you can easily replicate at home.
- Sensory Experience: Feel the silky texture of pasta dough in your hands.
- Versatile Skills: Master various pasta types - with or without eggs, colored or traditional, delicate or rustic.
- Delicious Results: Enjoy your homemade pasta in a traditional Tuscan meal.

Perfect for food enthusiasts, families, and aspiring chefs. Join us for an unforgettable culinary adventure in the heart of Florence!

Fresh pasta cooking class with small number of participants!

fresh ingredients, knowledge, easy recipies make a memorable dish of pasta!


These are just a few of the hundreds of reviews from our customers

So much fun! This was a terrific family event as we prepared pasta with Chef Vari and a lovely young couple from Brooklyn. This was one of our son's favorite adventures on our week-long trip. We each said we could have eaten more of our cheese filled ravioli and enjoyed the company of six other Americans who joined us at the table for the chocolate pasta course as part of their chocolate walking tour. The company was as wonderful as the food. Great for teens and young adults while equally delightful for adults of all ages."

Rene r.

now cook at home more than before

I can type in detail our day of making/eating pasta but this is an experience you simply must try to understand it's beauty. Our chef, her husband, their house, the food, the wine, EVERYTHING was un-freaking-believable. Book this class and enjoy for yourself.



he never stop to learn

I was a little hesitant due to there not being many reviews for this class, but it was really lovely. The class is hosted by a professional chef in her "home", so the atmosphere is very cozy. Very hands-on class. Hosts are helpful, fun, and good-natured. Would definitely recommend to travelers.

Marie c.

Marie c.

she discovered the beauty of simplicity in the kitchen


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  • The classes start at: 10:15AM and 5:30PM
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